Here I go...

Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Thursday, May 24, 2018

To Pamplona

This year I discovered KT tape. Looking on YouTube and finding instructions, I kept my legs before leaving Zubiri this morning. It worked great! I had absolutely no problems with my shins and no problems walking all the way in to Pamplona today.

Therese still has quite a blister on her heel so Diana helped her tape it up. 

Las Peregrinas. This really is a Kodak moment! What a wonderful group of women!

Right after the village of Akerreta (Eskirotz) is this wonderful Abby that they recently discovered. A group is doing an archaeological dig here and it’s quite fascinating because they’re finding both pagan and Christian symbolism down it about the 1300 year level.

To me, it’s really worth stopping and looking at it, and if you can donate one or two euros it would be very helpful. You could also get a nice stamp here for your credential

As I approach this Appaloosa ranch, I thought I was seen as zebra! But these are a particular strain of Appaloosa pony here in Spain.

There is a nice bar in Zurrain if you fancy a coffee or a beer. Their soup was quite good also!

Once I cross the drawbridge I was really happy to be in Pamplona again. We went out one of my favorite bars near the cathedral for dinner and this was the wonderful desserts they serve me.

Soon upon arrival I met up with our newest member, Jo Gray. This morning we went to travel agency to get her ticket from Santiago to Madrid which she was very happy to finally have settled. I think she will fit in with this fun group of women quite nicely!

Today my plan is to rest for most of the day, although I will be visiting the Museu Navarre later this afternoon. Tomorrow we climb El Perdon, then on to Puente la Reina. The weather is looking wonderful and we feel blessed!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

To Zubiri 2018

To Roncesvalles- part 2

And all the years I’ve walked I never really noticed these markers which give you not only the emergency SOS 212 number but give you a location you can give the emergency crew so they can find you easily

This is the first time in many years I’ve seen the inside of the hut so clean

Is this a WWII bunker??

This old Roman Road has been perfectly preserved by being protected inside and out building for centuries

Karen seemed happy just to have a nice place to rest

Therese got some pretty severe blisters on her heel yesterday

This is Jenny’s blister prevention program. Ha ha ha!

Had time for a short nap before dinner and the pilgrims mass which I did not attend again but which some of the girls did attend

Orisson to Roncesvalles

These are photos the group shared of their trek from Orisson to Roncesvalles. 

To Roncesvalles - part 1

Since I have walked this stage many times, I had the taxi driver drop me off up at The Cross, where the trail leaves the main road. It was a wonderful 10 kilometers!


The tourist ‘pilgrims’ have already trashed Rolland’s Fountain!  What kind of people do this?!  Do they not have parents who taught them to pick up after themselves????  It just made me sick to see this so early in the season. I can’t imagine what waste these assholes will leave the rest of the route!  


I passed the stone where the young Brazilian died a few years back. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

To Orisson, France

Today we had breakfast at Gite Makila, then walked to Orisson. 

Leaving in the early morning, I was again struck by the beauty of this village. 

The girls in my group are in much better shape than I am. They were down the hill and ready to go way ahead of me!

and they smoked me on the road!  

At the crossroads, Linda and I took the road. I had a much more difficult time walking this year than ever before, having not had time for any training (and the spare tire around my middle!)

I arrived at Orisson some time after them. We had hours to spare before the taxi arrived and spent the morning no and early afternoon eating soup and drinking beers!

At 2 pm the taxi FINALLY arrived - and we shuttled down the mountain. 2.5 hours up and 8 minutes down!
We had an hour to wait for our Gite to open. 

Tomorrow we will shuttle up to Orisson and continue our walk to Roncesvalles.